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Welcome to the Bialystok Cemetery Restoration project, where volunteers and supporters are working to right a wrong at Bagnowka Cemetery in Bialystok, Poland. Bagnowka was destroyed predominantly after the war under Communist occupation, and is the final resting place for members of what was once the largest Jewish community in Europe.

Desecrated symbols of a once thriving Jewish Community rise again in spirit and soul. 

What began in 2015 as a personal quest by one couple, Amy and Josh Degen, to salvage and restore headstones in the cemetery, has grown to an international commitment to right this wrong.

We invite you to learn more by watching the video on this page, visiting the photo gallery, and learning the history of our program and the city of Bialystok. And then, please support this humanitarian effort to restore dignity to the lives of those buried in the cemetery and some measure of peace to their families.

In addition to making a donation to directly fund the work, you can help by telling others about the Bialystok Cemetery Restoration project, a grassroots effort to right a wrong. Like us on Facebook and Instagram and share this website. It takes many people to fix the wrong visited on those laid to rest and their families who lost their loved ones twice — by the cruelest of deaths and the desecration of their final resting place. We also have speakers available to talk about the restoration project with interested groups. Contact us at Bialystokcemeteryrestoration@gmail.com.



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