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Our team of volunteers has made four trips over four years and has restored almost 1,000 out of 30,000 headstones knocked over or broken by the Nazis during the Holocaust. We are returning in the summer of 2019 to continue our work. This year, the team has expanded to include young Israeli volunteers and volunteers from the German branch of the American Friends Service Committee. This work requires heavy equipment, many hands, and countless hours of detailed as well as grueling work. Donations help fund the heavy equipment rental, food for volunteers, transportation, and lodging. Please consider helping to fund this important venture. Thank you to Alan Hoch, Paula and Howie Flagler, Dr. Heidi Szpek and many others for photography.

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Righting a Wrong Against Humanity: Restoring Jewish Headstones and Monuments in Bagnowka Cemetery, Bialystok, Poland that were desecrated by the Nazis During WW II.