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Look who’s talking about the Bialystok Cemetery Restoration Project….



Righting A Wrong

(May 2019) – “For the past two summers, Ali Flagler ’17 has helped bring dignity and visibility to the Bagnowka Jewish Cemetery in Bialystok, Poland.” (Read the Story)


Restoring Her Family’s World War II Jewish Cemetery in Poland

(May 2019) – “Poland was always on my bucket list, but I never expected to spend my summers there volunteering to restore a Jewish cemetery.” (Read the Story in the May 2019 Edition [link to internal blog feature])

Goffstown woman works to help restore Jewish cemetery

(February 2019) – “Local, Vivianne Schill, fulfilling a long-held dream to participate in international community service.”  (Read the Story)


Lessons Learned From Visiting Bialystok Cemetery

(January 2019) – “What visiting one of Poland’s ‘invisible’ cemeteries taught me about the Holocaust in a way no documentary could.”  (Read the Story)


Righting a Wrong

(November 2018) – “Why New Hampshire’s Ali Flagler spent her summer vacation in a Jewish cemetery.” (Read the Story – Page 21)

Polish Jewry Today

(February 2018) – “Amy and Josh Degen, of the Bialystok Cemetery Restoration Project, join Poland’s Honorary Consul General to discuss the resurgence of Jewish culture in Poland today.” (Read more)


Report: 2017 Bialystok Jewish Cemetery Restoration Project

(November 2017) – “One section of the cemetery designated for restoration offered a literal puzzle of tombstone bases and tops to be painstakingly sorted per this cemetery’s burial patterns.” (Read the Story)

Restoration effort returns dignity to Jewish cemetery in Poland

(January 2017) – “What we’re doing is a drop in the bucket in global terms, but doing something to restore the cemetery’s dignity has been very meaningful.” (Read the Story)


Preserving the Past

(December 2016) – “If our grandfather did not leave Bialystok for the United States in 1928, we probably never would have been born.” (Read the Story)


Groton couple restoring Jewish cemetery in Poland

(August 2016) – “Amy and Josh Degen would be hard pressed to call their 12-day trip to Poland a vacation.” (Read the Story)


Restoration of Jewish cemetery to preserve a vanishing heritage

(July 2016) – “Bialystok is like much of Eastern Europe in that it has Jewish cultural festivals and memorials, but very few Jewish people.” (Read the Story)